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Therapy Modalities 

All modalities are practiced in a culturally responsive and trauma informed manner. Your cultural background is vital to the ways you experience the world, therefore, they are a core part of your therapeutic journey. 

  • Acceptance & Commitment (ACT):

    • Defining the values that are important in your life.​

    • Reframing your life outlook to re-align with your values.

  • Accelerated Resolution (ART):

    • Use of eye movements to alleviate symptoms related to past traumas​.

    • I will guide you to replace the negative images associated with the trauma to positive images of your choosing.

  • Cognitive Behavioural (CBT): 

    • Focusing on thoughts, beliefs, and actions to evaluate experiences.​

    • Setting SMART goals to support you with life changes that are sustainable. 

  • Grief Processing:

    • Creating a grief timeline to identify the grief events in your life. 

    • Discussing each relevant grief event to find meaning and support you to move forward to a place of healing. ​

  • Narrative Practice: 

    • Supporting you with telling your stories and reframing how you view yourself based on these stories.​

    • Externalizing the experiences described in your story to help create changes in your life.

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