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What is therapy?

Therapy is an opportunity to discuss any events that have come up in your life.  Therapy can be supportive for addressing past trauma,  changes based on life events [grief, developmental changes, new job, moving, etc.]. There is no wrong reason for seeking out therapy; it is an opportunity to have an outside perspective and support for life's questions.

What if I'm nervous about therapy?

It is completely normal to be nervous about starting therapy. The foundation of our work together is building  trust before diving into tough topics. We will go at the pace that feels most comfortable for you and I will help you identify ways to feel safe while sharing your experiences.

Do you direct bill?

At this time, I do not direct bill. I will provide you with an invoice that can be submitted to your health insurance provider. Please double check with your insurance provider prior to booking. Many insurance providers cover therapy services provided by a social worker. 

How can I see you?

For Alberta residents, I currently offer virtual services (in-person will be available shortly). Please let me know at the time of booking how you would like to attend. 

For Ontario residents, I offer virtual services only. You will receive a link to your email address that walks you through the process to access our appointment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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